Most of my paintings are oil paintings, however, I have worked with watercolors and acrylics as well. Oil paints are my favorite medium so I will have a greater collection of these pieces than any other.

Flowers are very personal and show a lot of expression and emotion. I have painted a few different flowers for some people in my life, and I chose the flower based on their personal favorites. If you have a favorite flower that you would like me to paint, contact me with ideas and/or pictures of the flower you love and I would be happy to paint one for you. If you do not want a flower, contact me with other ideas or photos so I can create something that you would love.

“Obsessed with Call of Duty” Portrait, Watercolor, 2010

“Obsessed with Pixar Characters” Self Portrait, Watercolor, 20″ x 28″, 2010

“I’ll Come Back to You” Portrait, Oil Paint, 2′ x 4′, 2011

“Perfection” Portrait, Oil Paint, 3′ x 3′, 2011

“Calla Lilly”, Oil Paint, 24″ x 36″, 2011

“Gerber Daisy”, Oil Paint, 24″ x 30″, 2012

“Lilly”, Oil Paint, 24″ x 30″, 2012

“Buttercup”, Oil Paint, 24″ x 30″, 2012

Pansy Flower, Oil Paint, 24″x30″, 2012

Flamingo, Oil Paint, 18″x24″, 2012

Peacock, Oil Painting, 18″x24″, 2012


“Mother and Baby Giraffes”, Oil Painting, 24″x36″, 2012


“Red Sedona, Arizona Rocks”, Oil Painting, 24″x36″, 2012


“Dancing Sisters”, Oil Painting, 24″x30″, 2013


“Goodbye Colts”, Oil Painting, 36″x48″, 2012


“Shower Scene” in Blonde, Oil Painting, 18″x24″, 2012


“Shower Scene”, Oil Painting, 18″x24″, 2012


“In Bed”, Oil Painting, 18″x24″, 2013


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